Professional Property Managers in Roseville

As a professional property management team, we at Real Property Management in Roseville and Rocklin, in Roseville, CA, pride ourselves at being number one among property management companies. With over 200 offices in total with one of those offices sitting on the corner of North Sunshine Avenue and Sierra Gardens Drive, we know both Roseville and Rocklin. We have also been listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

We offer a complete package of property management services all under one roof with you in mind. We make rental management seamless for both you and the renter of the property. We do this regardless of the investment property size. Small, medium, and large accounts are all treated with the same dignity and respect. Property managers use over 50 vacancy websites in order to find renters with as large of a net as we can cast.

We Give the Most Comprehensive Screening of Tenants Anywhere

A property manager will use three different levels of tenant screening in order to give you, our client, peace of mind with the large property investment you have placed in our hands. Along with a criminal background check, we also run a credit check and conduct interviews with previous landlords to screen for eviction, slow rent, and property damage history. With real estate management, 24 hour every day support of tenant emergencies is provided for every property so that our property owners are not disturbed by clients. We handle all rent collections along with ACH direct deposit to your bank account. Also, in the rare need of an eviction, we handle the process for you. We want you to be confident that your investment is in the right hands. Remember, not all property management companies offer the same level of service that you will receive when you partner with us.

Cast a Wider Net for Tenants

Right now, 80% of rental customers look for their rental properties online. That is why RPM Management takes advantage of the internet when looking for new renters. As a real estate asset management company, we want tenants as much as you do. We find customers and fill vacancies as quickly as possible by creating a vast internet infrastructure of websites that are at your disposal. Visit your online portal anytime you want; this is another part of our internet infrastructure created with you in mind to assist in gaining access to your property information, inspections, and rent. With this all-in-one convenient location, find out exactly when the next inspection is due, what each property collects in payments, and when your balance will be received. In regards to property inspections, we provide these quarterly so that we can always monitor your property. This is both an interior and exterior inspection of your property. We treat your property as if it is our own, giving it the best care and attention possible.

Do not delay! Call your new property management company today in Roseville, CA and Rocklin, CA. You can contact Real Property Management in Roseville and Rocklin at (916) 780-1600. Why wait? Your property is not making you any money while it is sitting vacant. Our rental management team is standing by to meet your needs now!